Hello everyone, In this article, I am going to explain to you a full guide about How To Wash Allbirds Easy At Home. We cover all topics related to Allbirds Footwear. So let’s move on to the topic.

About Allbirds

Allbirds is a company which produce eco-friendly footwear for men and women. Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger are the founders of Allbirds Company in 2014. They sell many varieties of footwear from runners to flat. All of their products produced with environment-friendly materials. Tim Brown is a former soccer player in Newzealand. He built a partnership with Joey Zwilinger, who is an industrial engineer. Allbirds headquarters are located at San Francisco, California, United States. As well as they have established retail stores in New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, London, Seattle and Beijing.

Allbirds’ all products are stylish and comfortable to wear. They always try to give more comfortable products to their customers. They also have some children footwears.

Allbirds’ Footwear Materials

Allbirds make their all footwear by sustainable materials. So these all products are Eco-friendly and not harmful to the human body.

Superfine Merino Wool

Merino Wool is a material which helps to temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking. So it does not harmful to human skin. A well as comfortable to wear.

Sweet Foam From Sugarcane

This material used to make insoles of the footwear. This is an ethylene-vinyl acetate foam derived from sugar cane in Southern Brazil. This material gives you comfort to your feet.

Tree Fiber

This material made by cellulose fibre available in South Africa. This material is very smooth. So this material also gives you comfortable and it also not harmful to the Environment compare to the traditional shoes.

Trino Yarn

Trinco is made up of merino wool fibre. This material is used to make socks. Socks which made of with Trino Yarn are very comfortable and moisture-wicking. As well as these socks are long-lasting.

So let’s move into our main topic, How How to wash Allbirds. We can’t polish or wiped out the dirt from Allbirds like traditional shoes which made up of leather or other materials. You need to wash them carefully to clean the dirt.

So in this guide, I divide the cleaning process into three processes. In part 01, I will guide you about How to wash Allbirds Shoe Body. Then in part 02, I will guide you about How to wash Allbirds Insoles and Part 03, I will guide to reinstall the Allbird insoles & laces with the shoes and complete the cleaning process. So let’s start with part 01.

Part 01 – How to wash Allbirds

What Are Things need To Wash Allbirds shoe body?

  • A Washing Machine.
  • Cloth Cleaning Brush.
  • Washing Detergent.
  • A Mesh Laundry Bag.

After arranging above mentioned things, You can start the washing process.

How to wash?

  1. Pull the laces out from both shoes – In first, you should remove the laces from each shoe. If your laces are also dirty, you should replace the laces because these laces can’t wash without getting damage. If you want to put the laces back in exact same way, you should pay attention to remember the pattern or simply take a photo with your mobile phone. It will make easy to put the laces back again in the same way.
  2. Take the insoles out from both shoes. You can easily pull out the insole by lifting the tongue and pull the insole. If the insoles are not dirty or damaged, you can use the same insole after washing. If it is damaged, you should replace the insole like the laces.
  3. Using the brush, remove the dirt and dust particles which attach to the surface of the wool. When you are selecting a brush, please make sure about that your brush suitable for wool. Repeat the same process in each side of both shoes in remove the dirt and dust.
  4. Keep the shoes in the Mesh Laundry Bag and place in the washing machine. Then add some washing detergent into the washing machine. The detergent must be gentle. unless it will damage your Allbirds.
  5. Set the washing machine to a suitable cycle for wool and make sure to set the water temperature on the coldest setting.
  6. Take the Laundry bag from the washing machine and remove the bag. Then you should allow it to air dry away from the direct sunlight for about 24 hours.

Part 02 – How to wash Allbirds Insoles

These Allbirds insoles are made up of foam with Merino wool and plant oils. Then if you wash Allbirds insoles with a washing machine, it will definitely get damage. So you should clean it by hands. So let’s see how to do it.

What Are Things need To Wash Allbirds Insoles?

  • A soft brush
  • Gentle Detergent
  • Warm water
  • A bowl
  • Clean and dry cloth

What You Want To Do

  1. If you are not removed the insoles from the shoes, remove it.
  2. Remove the dust and other dirt by brushing gently.
  3. Then fill the bowl with the warm water and add some detergent to it.
  4. After that dip the brush on water and brush the dirty areas until they remove. Then flip the insole and brush the opposite side also.
  5. You should do the same process to the next insole also.
  6. Then take the clean cloth and wet with fresh water. After that remove all soaps in both sides of each insole.
  7. Then allow the Allbirds insoles to air dry by keeping it on a rack.

Part 03 – Reinstall the Allbird insoles & laces with the shoes

So we are now at the final stage of our Allbird cleaning process. Now we are going to reinstall the Allbird insoles & laces with the shoes. Before reinstall, make sure to both shoes and insoles are dried properly. If it is dried, Slides the insoles back into each shoe. Then put the laces as your desired pattern. So now We have completed all cleaning process is completed and you can wear.


Allbirds is New Zealand-American footwear company which produce high-quality footwear to men and women. All of their products make with Eco-friendly materials. As well Allbirds shoes give comfort to the user. But many people haven’t a proper knowledge about how to How To Wash Allbirds effectively. So in this article, You leaned about a complete guide about How To Wash Allbirds easy at home. Check the FAQS section to get more knowledge. Thank you for being with us and check our other articles in the blog.


How long Takes Allbirds To Dry?

Allbirds can take about 24 hours – 48 hours to complete the drying. Because Allbirds doesn’t dry very fast.

Can we Bleach The Allbirds?

Bleach may cause to form color patches in your Allbirds. So it is not a good idea.

Can We Put Allbirds In A Dryer To Dry

You can not dry Allbrids by a dryer. Because Allbrids made with wool. Wool can not dry with a dryer. So you need to Air Dry your Allbirds after washing.


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