Nowadays many people are like to use products which are made of leather. because leather is one of the best stylish and durable material in the world. Leather is made by animal skins. So somethings leather becomes a little bit stiff due to several reasons. It will break and have cracks on the surface. It gives an uncomfortable look at the product. Products made by leather are very expensive in the market. So it is throwing away is not a good option when leather getting stiff. To fix this, you need to make soften the leather. So in this article, I am going to explain to you about how to How To Soften Leather Easy at home.

Why Leather Becomes Stiff?

  • Natural Factors – Leather becomes stiff due to many natural factors. such as sunlight, heat, cold., rain etc. So these things change the structure of the leather and getting stiff.
  • Improper Storage – Due to improper Storage, leather gets stiff.
  • Low Quality If your product is made up of low-quality leather, that also cause to leather becomes stiff.

How to soften the leather

Method 1 – Soften Leather With Leather Conditioner

In this method, I will guide you to soften leather with leather conditioner. These conditioners are commercial products. Leather conditioners are the best way to Soften leather. Because it also helps to increase the strength of the leather materials. So you can follow the below steps to make soften leather using a leather conditioner.

There are a lot of Leather conditions in the market for different price levels. So you need to buy a quality leather conditioner to make soften your leather in a perfect manner.

After buying a good leather conditioner, put some conditioner on a piece of clean cloth and apply of the product. When you applying the leather conditioner, make sure about that don’t apply too much of conditioner on the leather. As well as do not directly pour the leather conditioner on the leather surface. Because it will get hard to spread on the surface.

Then spread the leather conditioner gently on the surface of the leather in circular movements. When you are applying, pay more attention to the areas which need, like toe area, elbows etc. Do not apply too much and it will not make the softening process perfect. Do this process regularly to keep the leather products in good shape like in once for a month.

Method 2 – Soften Leather Coconut Oil

If you are a person who can not able to buy a Leather Conditioner this will be the best way to you. This method is the best natural way to soften leather.

Put some coconut oil to a clean and dry bawl. As well as make sure about that the coconut oil also clean and without any dust.

Then apply the oil on leather surface by dip the finger on oil bawl and run it smoothly on leather surface until getting better result. After applying the oil on leather surface, let it to get dry. You should keep attention about coconut oil coated equally all over the surface.

If you did not get the desired result, you can repeat the about process until you get satisfied. If you follow the instructions correctly, your leather will become softer.

Method 3 – Soften Leather Using Water

If you want to make your leather soften without any chemical, water is another good way to make your leather softer.

You just need a spray bottle with clean water and spray a thin layer all over the surface. As well as you can use a microfiber cloth to remove the excess water. Then let it to get dry. This method is only working if the product is only not treated with a waterproof product.

Method 4 – Softening Leather Using Heat

You can use a hairdryer to do this process. First, you should apply a moisturizer on the leather surface. Then power on the hairdryer in medium heat and run all over the leather surface. You need to pay attention about do not dry in high temperature. It may cause to damage your accessory. After doing this process you should leave the accessory in a warm and humid place. that’s all.

Proper Care Tips After Softening The Leather.

  • Avoid your leather accessory direct exposure to the sunlight during storage.
  • Allow to a good airflow the leather accessory without sealing.
  • Remove stains and dust regularly using a clean and dry cloth.
  • When you are conditioning use only quality products.

How To Prevent Leather from Becoming Stiff?

  • Always try to buy premium leather staffs instead of low quality leather accessories.
  • Don’t store your leather staffs in face direct sunlight for a long period of time.
  • Condition your leather product at least once a month with premium leather conditioner.
  • If you had an instruction label with your leather product, follow given instructions to maintain your staff.

How to buy a commercial leather conditioner to soften leather?

If you are want to soften your leather with a leather softener, then you should buy a quality leather conditioner. These leather conditioners are very useful and efficient. You can use these leather conditioners with new and old leather products. But many people can’t choose a good product. So I provide you with some best Leather Soften Conditioner in the market. You can choose any of the following quality product to soften your leather more efficient and perfect.


If you are a person who is interesting in leather products, this article is very valuable for you. Leather is one of the best material used to make fashionable items. But due to many reasons, leather stuffs getting stiff and gives an unpleasant look at the products. In this article, I have guided you about why Why Leather Becomes Stiff? , How to soften the leather using four best and easy methods at home, Proper Care Tips After Softening The Leather and How To Prevent Leather from Becoming Stiff?.

So I think you have a piece of good knowledge about how to maintain leather staffs correctly. If you are a fashionable person I think my other guide about How To Sharpen Clipper Blades – Easy Full Guide also valuable for you. Thank you and stay with us for more interesting articles.


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