Hello everyone, Today I am going to guide you about a very valuable thing for everyone. That is about How To Put Out An Electrical Fire. Most of the people are don’t about how to effectively Put Out An Electrical Fire. So in this article, I am going to talk about What Is an Electrical Fire?, What Causes Electrical Fires?, What Causes Electrical Fires?, How To Put Out An Electrical Fire? and How to Prevent Electrical Fires Before They Start? and more. So let’s start.

Electrical fires occur in both residential and commercial places. According to the metrics of the ESFI, about 60,000 both residential and commercial electrical fires occur annually.

What Is an Electrical Fire?

The Electrical Fires are the fires which occur due to malfunction or failure of an electrical component. These Fires can start in wires, cables or any other electrical component when the circuits get overloaded and increase the heat.

What Causes Electrical Fires?

According to the Fire Triangle, there are three elements needs to start a fire. Those are Oxygen, Heat and Combustible Material. Oxygen is present in the air. When an electrical component gets malfunction, it suddenly occurs a higher heat. As well as the material of the Electrical Component acts as the Combustible material. So the main requirements for occurring a fire is now complete and start a fire and gradually spread all around. This is the way how an Electrical Fire start.

How To Put Out An Electrical Fire?

Put Your Safety First

When an Electrical fire occurs, the most important thing is you have to put your safety first. If there is anyone inside of the residence like children or infant, send them to outside of the residence. As well as before going to Put Out An Electrical Fire, make sure to clear the pathway to a safer place. Otherwise, It will be a risk to your life.

Disconnecting the Electricity

Then you should unplug the power source to the appliance immediately. If you can’t reach to the power source, you should disconnect the main electricity line which comes to your residence. It will reduce the risk of spreading fire. This is one of the major steps of Put Out An Electrical Fire.

Never use water to put out the fire

If you get flustered and try to pour water into to the fire, never do it. Because water is an electricity conductive thing and It will cause to spread the fire wider. So never use water to put out the fire. It also can shock you.

Use a Type C Fire Extinguisher If You Have

If you turn off the power and have a Type C Fire Extinguisher nearby, spray directly to the firing area. It will put out the electrical fire by smothering. Because Electrical fires are classed as Type C. This type extinguishers put out the fire with Carbon Dioxide gas or other dry chemicals like Sodium Bicarbonate. Those are not conducting electricity like water.

Rather than using a Type C Fire Extinguisher, you can use a ABC Fire Extinguisher which suitable to any other type of fires.

If you are don’t know about How to use a Fire extinguisher, follow below steps.

  • P – PULL the safety pin which available in the handle.
  • A – AIM the nozzle in horse directly to the fire.
  • S – SQUEEZE the handle slowly.
  • S – SWEEP the extinguisher from left to right and spray to every parts of the fire.

Baking Soda for a Small Electrical Fire

If the Electrical Fire is a small one, you can use baking soda to control the fire. By covering the fire area with baking soda can block the oxygen supply to the fire. Because of the lack of oxygen supply, the fire will get control. Baking soda consists of Sodium Bicarbonate which the substance used in Fire Extinguishers.

Can Use A Heavy Blanket To Control The Small Fires.

If you don’t have any fire extinguisher to To Put Out Electrical Fire, you can use a Heavy Blanket To Cover the oxygen supply to the fire. It is only suitable for small Electrical Fires. You need to be more careful when you are doing this.

After following above methods you need to call for emergency service or for an electrician. Then you can take further actions with the help of those people.

If You Are Unable To Put Out Electrical Fire

  • If you are unable to put out the electrical fire, immediately go outside and for a safer place.
  • Close all doors of the house. It will reduce the airflow to the house and spread the fire.
  • Call to an emergency service.
  • Don’t re-enter to the inside until putting out the fire by firefighters.

How to Prevent Electrical Fires Before They Start?

  • Check all electrical components like circuit breakers as working properly with the help of an electrician.
  • Always use electrical appliances which are matching with your power supply to the home.
  • Don’t use the high power-consuming appliance by connecting to extension power cords. You can just only use for temporary.
  • If you smell about any burning or smoke releasing from an electrical appliance, immediately disconnect from the power.
  • Don’t use any electrical appliance which has any damages of wires. It may cause electricity leaks.
  • Always try to keep the power off your electrical appliances when they are not using.
  • Plug the appliances properly when they are going to power on. If it is not attached to the power outlets well, It may cause current leakage.


In this article, I have told a complete guide about How To Put Out An Electrical Fire. Nowadays there are thousands of fire incidents we can see in the world. Most of them occur due to Electricity. These Electrical Fires occur for many reasons. So we have discussed What Is an Electrical Fire?, What Causes Electrical Fires?, How to Prevent Electrical Fires Before They Start? etc. So I think that you had a piece of good knowledge of this topic. We have published many other guides about different interesting things and you can also read those guides from our blog.


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