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Nowadays many people use Air Conditioners to make their lives comfortable. Air Conditioners are one of the main electrical equipment which people use in many places. When we use Air Conditioners for a time period, We should definitely clean them. So in this article, you can learn about a complete step by step guide about How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing. So let’s start.

Why Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit?

When we use the Air Conditioner, sometimes we can notice a difference in performance. As well as it occurs Dust Problems, Quality Difference In Air, High Power Usage and more. After noticing these things, It the time to clean your air conditioner. All most all electrical appliances need to clean at the correct time. Otherwise, it will harm the appliance.

When we consider about Air Conditioners, It is better if you can clean at least twice a month. It will give many valuable benefits as below.

  • A clean Air Conditioner provides clean airflow to breath and it will directly affect your health. Uncleaned Air Conditioners provides dirty and dusty air and if we breathe it causes lung diseases.
  • Cleaning Air Conditioners also help to save your money. Because of uncleaned Air Conditioners use high electricity usage. It will directly affect your electrical bill. So with a cleaned Air Conditioner, you can reduce the charges for the electricity bill.
  • Dirty and Clogged Air Conditioner filers can damage the entire Air Conditioner. So it is very important to clean the filters at the correct time. So regular cleaning is helping to the durability of the Air Conditioner.

What Do You Need To Clean A Window Air Conditioner?

  • Bowl With Clean Water
  • Sponge
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Spray Bottle
  • Cleaning Detergent or Dishwashers
  • Piece of Dry Cloth

How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It

You can follow the below step by step guide to Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It.

Step 1: Switch off and unplug the Air Conditioner from electricity

First of all, you must need to Switch off the Air Conditioner and remove the plug from power outlet. It will protect you from the electrical shocks and also protect the air conditioner.

After doing this step you can follow the below steps.

Step 2: Remove the front grill of the Air conditioner

Now you need to remove the front grill of the air conditioner. Then you can access to the filters and the coil of the air conditioner. You can easily do this by pulling the grill out. If it is fitted with screws, you need to unscrew by a screw driver.

Step 3: Clean the dust particles using the vacuum cleaner

Power on the vacuum cleaner and clean dust and unwanted particles available on the surface of Air Conditioner. After doing this follow the below steps.

Step 4: Fill spray bottle with water and spray to the dust surface

Get the spray bottle and fill with clean water. Then you can spray the water to dust and dirt attached on the surface of the Air Conditioner.

Step 5: Make a soap solution and clean the dust using the sponge

Mix the detergent or dishwashers with water on the bowl and make a soap solution. Then soak the sponge on soap solution and wipe the dust and dirt mold particles attached on the surface of the Air conditioner.

There are two types of Air Filters mainly using in Air Conditioners. Those are disposable and reusable. If the filter of your Air Conditioner is disposable and it is showing as mold build-up, you should replace the filter with new one. Otherwise if it is reusable one, then you can clean it with sponge and use it.

Step 6: Remove the water by wiping with the dry cloth

After remove all dust particles, you can wipe the water on the surface with a piece of dry cloth.

Step 7: Fit the front grille properly

So now the cleaning process is over. So we need to fit the grill to the air conditioner. Before fitting the grille, make sure to dry the all water on the surface of the Air Conditioner.

If it is dried properly, you can fit the grille. Make sure to screw up the screws with a screwdriver if available.

Then you can check the airflow of your Air Conditioner by switch on. It will definitely have a huge difference after cleaning.

How To Pressure Wash A Window Air Conditioner

You can follow the below steps to Pressure Wash A Window Air Conditioner.

  • Switch off and remove the plug of the Air Conditioner from the power source.
  • Start the pressure washer and hold with both hands.
  • Keep one hand on the trigger of the pressure washer.
  • Guide the tip of pressure washer up and down along the condenser coil. Clean from one side to the other side and again back.
  • Wash the top and bottom of Air Conditioner and clean all mold.
  • Don’t pressure-wash the expanding the curtains on two sides of the air conditioner. It will damage the curtains. So clean those curtains with a piece of cloth.

How To Increase The Durability of and Air Conditioner

  • Keep the air filters in clean.
  • Keep the Air Conditioner in the shades.
  • Keep the fins in straight.
  • Keep the air conditioner in a proper place when it is not using for a long time.


In this article, we have discussed How To Clean A Window Air Conditioner Without Removing It. I think now you have a good knowledge to do this properly. As well as you have good knowledge about Why Should You Clean Your Air Conditioner Unit, Tips to increase the durability of an Air Conditioner. So please make sure to share this article on your social media. As well as I have posted many useful other guides and feel free to read those articles also.


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