Hello everyone, In this article, I’m going to tell you about a step by step and complete guide about How to Clean your Hydro Flask at home. I hope this article will very useful to you. Hydro Flasks are very useful for most people. When you are outside, it will definitely useful to you. We can see there are various types of Hydro Flasks in different sizes, colors. You can store and carry several types of liquids in Hydro Flask.

Why do you have to Clean your Hydro Flask?

Every time you use the Hydro Flask and left unwashed long periods of time, It will lead to spreading germs and bacteria inside of your Hydro Flask.  So it will become extremely dirty. As well as you can feel bad smells that emit from the inside of Hydro Flask. So you need to clean your Hydro Flash every time after using it.

What do you need to clean your Hydro Flask?

Before we start to clean a Hydro Flask, we need to have the following things. You can find these things easily at your home.

  • Hot Water
  • Bottle Brush
  • Clean dishcloth or Sponge
  • Dish Soap
  • Vinegar

How to Clean a Hydro Flask

You can follow these easy steps to clean your Hydro Flask at home.

Step 01 – Disassemble the Hydro Flask to clean it.

Before starting the cleaning process you need to disassemble your Hydro Flask. Unscrew the lid of the Hydro Flask and remove it from the bottle.

Step 02 – Wash the Hydro Flask Components separately with Soapy water

Mix the soap with water and make a soap water solution. Then use the dishcloth or the sponge and wash the outside of your Hydro Flask, the lid of Hydro Flask, and the straw. But you can not clean the bottom inside of your Hydro Flask with the dishcloth or Sponge. So you need a long bottle brush to clean the bottom inside.  Do not soak the lid of the Hydro Flask in Soapy Water.

If you have a pipe cleaner, insert the pipe cleaner to one end of it and carefully move it up to remove if there any buildups.

Step 03 – Rinse all of your Hydro Flask Components to Remove Soap

After cleaning the Hydro Flask components with soapy water, it is important to remove all soap. Otherwise, it will affect to the taste of your liquid which fills in the Hydro Flask. Open the water tap and run water over the all components of the Hydro Flask. Make sure to remove all the sop which present on the surface of Hydro Flak Components.

Step 04 – Use Vinegar to Remove Bacteria

Vinegar is a powerful bacteria killer. So you can use vinegar to remove Bacteria which form on your Hydro Flask. Pour half cup of clean white vinegar into Hydro Flask. Then leave vinegar to sit for about 5 minutes and remove.

Step 05 – Rinse all of your Hydro Flask Components to Remove Vinegar

You can use warm water to remove vinegar in your Hydro Flask. Fill half of Hydro Flask with warm water and swirl the water a few times and remove the water out. You need to do it couple of times to completely remove the vinegar inside of your Hydro Flask.

Step 06 – Allow your Hydro Flask to air dry

After ending the cleaning process you need to air dry the Hydro Flask. You can use a dish drying rack for this. Allow it to dry overnight and then store it in a clean and dry place.


In this article, I have  guide you to Clean Your Hydro Flask easily at home. I think this article will you to clean your Hydroi Flask at home without any problem. If you think this article is useful, so please make sure to share this article with your friends and stay with us more useful guides.


Is hydro flask dishwasher safe?

No. It will discolor the coat of the Hydro Flash and badly affect the insulations inside the Hydro Flask.

Can you put boiling water in a hydro flask?

No. It also causes to discolor the coat of the Hydro Flash and the insulations inside the Hydro Flask.

How often should I wash my hydro flask? 
As a general habit, it is better to clean the Hydro Flash every time after using the Hydro Flask with a liquid.

Can you put soda in a hydro flask?

Yes. It is safe to put carbonated drinks like soda in Hydro Flasks and the stainless steel container can handle the pressure.


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